Friday, September 20, 2013

GOPs agenda is against Human Rights and Evolution itself

House Republicans passed a bill to cut $40 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) criticized the initiative by saying the cuts will snatch food out of the hands of millions of neediest children and their families."
At the same time House Republicans will vote today on a stopgap spending measure that would defund the Affordable Healthcare for America Act. Its direct consequence would mean 50% of American citizens will be without Healthcare insurance
Why Republicans act like reckless sociopaths with no empathy for their own American fellow citizens?
Why in the civilized world someone would ever want to cut welfare benefits to those in need?
Right after the Affordable Care America Act became the law, the House Republicans made 42 attempts to repeal it. A law that allows 100 millions fellow American citizens to be granted the right to have healthcare assistance. It’s 1/3rd of the U.S. population.

According to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School nearly 45,000 people died in the United States each year since 2000.— One American citizen every 12 minutes -- in large part because they lacked health insurance and could not get appropriate care. 45.000 dead people means 15 times the number of casualties of 9/11 each year.

It’s like having 15 terrorist attacks the size of 9/11 each year. More than one a month. Albeit these dead people have not the same dignity of the 9/11 victims so they don’t’ deserve any attention nor cannot be remembered, celebrated or even mentioned. They deserve no respect.. They didn’t deserve to live and they are completely forgotten once they’re dead. This is more than shameful.

Even more shameful is the way this issue is dealt by the American media and the Political Organizations. Instead of throwing eggs and spit in the face of each Republican expressing his Anti-American view, each day you witness the so called “liberal media” smiling at their lunatic outbursts. In doing so, you tolerate the most basic violation of Human Rights in the country that is supposed to be the first and largest Democracy in the world.
Human Rights must be undisputed. Healthcare assistance is a basic Human Right because it concerns the Human Dignity of each man or woman living on this planet who has the right to be cured.

If we don’t supply 100 million American with basic healthcare we will witness a domestic humanitarian emergency.

In 2009 Remote Area Medical, a non profit medical association that provides free medical care to people in remote areas around the world Remote organized a free healthcare session in Los Angeles in August 11 at the Inglewood forum where the medical staff have met with 14,561 patient encounters. Matt Hendrickson, a doctor working for RAM spoke to Italian journalist Daniela Roveda:"I have worked in the worst world areas and I never thought one day I would have provided assistance right here in the United States."

It was not Damascus or Mumbai, it was Los Angeles, California where an estimated 8 million people are today out of the healthcare coverage”.

This is not a political matter anymore, this is a Human Rigths emergency and it belongs to the basic ethical spectrum.Whoever allows this to happen has to be treated like the worst enemy of  the American People.

Tomas and MadolineTuba hold their son John, 8, while waiting 
on a sidewalk for tickets into a free health clinic on August 13, 2009 
in Inglewood, California. Tuba, a department manager at a grocery 
store, said he has health insurance but cannot afford the co-pay fees
for medical procedures for his family. 

You can't have a democracy if a political party represents Corporation rights and the other one represents Human Rights. It just can't work out. The people's interests concern Human Life which is the most sacred good on earth and consequently it must always be represented. The Republican Party does not represent the interests of the American people, it represents the interests of Corporate America and they consider Human life at the same level of material objects. How can such an organization be tolerated within a country whose flag is the world’s landmark of Democracy?

Where is political representation? Whose interests represent the Republican Party? Why the American People tolerate the existence of the GOP being the worst enemy of the American people’s health?

You can’t put human life and material objects on the same level because this is how reckless sociopath and criminals see the world. In practice the very existence of the Republican Party is an hymn to criminal behavior. As long as this issue is not questioned under the moral and the ethical point of view there won't be Democracy in America.

The GOP’s main objection is “Where do you think the money to run the country comes from?”

Alicia P.Melis, a researcher from Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, in Germany went to Ngamba Island in Uganda to study chimpanzee behavior.

In the wild, chimps are not in an evolution process because of their selfish attitude, a sort of natural instinct that push them to “exploit” their fellows to achieve food and not to share it. The experiment consisted of two chimps in a cage and food put in front of them outside of the cage. A rope passes along a wood stick where the food is. In order to get the food the chimp needs the help of his fellow. He calls his fellow and they cooperate to get the food. That’s intelligence. However when they get it if this is not enough for both of them, only the alpha fellow between the two get to eat. The second time the food is put on the stick the second fellow do not cooperate because he knows he won’t get any reward. This is where evolution arrests for chimpanzees.

And this is the exact same destiny we are going to share with the chimps if we allow this primitive behavior not only to exist but to lead the world. Selfishness stops evolution. Can you hear me?

Selfishness attitude won’t ever help a civilization to move forward as a whole. We are missing a main point here that is called Oneness. Before Religion, here on this planet we, as a civilization we should act like a single person, a single consciousness. That’s the very beginning of real Human Evolution.

The GOP’s agenda instead is not only against human rights but aims at leading our world back to the Stone Age. 

Good Luck Everybody!

E Pluribus Unum

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